Samuil Marshak: Baggage, illustrated by Vladimir Lebedev

€10.80 €17.99

Last week a lady checked her baggage:

A suitcase,

A hatbox,

A couch,

A painting, a package, a pouch,

And last but not least, one cute little pooch.

Baggage was first published in Russia in 1926 as part of a plan for a new style of picture book, established by the Comiseriat of Enlightenment to educate the children of the revolution. The 1920s saw some of Leningrad's most important artists and writers applying the tactics of the Russian avant-garde to picture book making. Baggage is a collaboration between two leaders of the movement, with Marshak's lighthearted verse and Lebedev's bright, stencil-flat images. 

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