Small Print: Harry Clarke's Little Thumb


'He brought them home by the very same way they came.'

Image is from 'Little Thumb' in The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, 1922.

'Little Thumb' is a satisfying story of a plucky boy, the youngest of seven, overcoming all the odds and saving his family from tragedy. It starts rather like 'Hansel and Gretel', in that his parents can't afford to feed him and his brothers anymore so they abandon them in the woods, twice. Tragic! The first time Little Thumb leaves a trail of little pebbles behind them so they find their way home again, but the second time, he leaves a breadcrumb trail which is eaten by the birds. They end up in an ogre's house, who decides to eat them while they are sleeping. Clever Little Thumb had anticipated this and had placed the bonnets of the ogre's seven daughters on his and his brothers heads. The ogre falls for the trick and eats his seven daughters instead! When he realises what he has done, he puts on his seven-league boots and chases after the boys. Again, Little Thumb outwits him, sends his brothers home and steals the ogre's boots. With these, he makes a fortune and goes home to his brothers and parents and they live ...happily ever after.

Fabulous 4x6" print mounted to fit 6x8" frame.

Available with or without beautiful pine frame.

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