Small Print: Harry Clarke's The Fairy


'Am I come hither to serve you with water, pray?'

Image is from 'The Fairy' in The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, 1922.

'The Fairy' has a somewhat unhappy ending, but it is not the heroine that meets a grizzly end, but the wretched, conceited sister. So it doesn't seem so bad for us readers! The story is about a widow with two daughters, one is spoilt but loved unconditionally, the other is beautiful and kindly but treated like a servant by her mother and sister. When she meets an old lady (really a fairy in disguise) at the well when fetching water, and is rewarded for her courtesy and kindness with the gift of flowers and jewels every time she opens her mouth, her sister wants the same reward. However, because this daughter is rude to the old lady, she gets punished with snakes and toads every time she speaks. The good daughter is blamed and sent away in disgrace, but fortunately she meets a handsome prince who proposes to her and she does in fact live happily ever after. Her sister? Well, "she made herself so odious that her own mother turn'd her out of doors, and the unhappy wretch having wandered about a good while without finding any body to take her in, went to a corner of a wood and died".

Fabulous 4x6" print mounted to fit 6x8" frame.

Available with or without beautiful pine frame.

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