Small Print: Harry Clarke's The Ridiculous Wishes


'A long black pudding came winding and wriggling towards her.'

Image is from 'The Ridiculous Wishes' in The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, 1922.

'The Ridiculous Wishes' is probably the most witty of Perrault's Fairy Tales. The story is familiar because every child (and lots of adults) has excitedly discussed what they would do if they could wish for anything in the world. Or imagine if you had THREE wishes! This was granted to the woodcutter in this story who decided with his wife not to rush into any decision over what to wish for, but to think about it first. While he is looking into the fire and thinking, he absentmindedly wishes they had some pudding for dinner. And so his first wish comes true. When his wife is enraged at his stupidity, he angrily wishes the pudding was dangling off the end of her nose. And so his second wish comes true. He has to use his last wish to remove the pudding from his wife's face. And so they are no better off than they were before. (Why, oh, why didn't he just wish for an endless supply of wishes?!)

Fabulous 4x6" print mounted to fit 6x8" frame.

Available with or without beautiful pine frame.

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