Tove Jansson: Moominland Midwinter (Hardback Collectors' Edition)


We are very excited to stock these new hardback collectors' editions of Tove Jansson's original Moomin novels, lovingly restored to their original designs. These beautifully finished books are faithful to their original 1950s and '60s cover art and layout. Each one has a fully illustrated paper jacket, and an embossed linedrawing on the hardcover underneath. In everything from their font to their endpaper designs, these books are objects of beauty! 

In Moominland Midwinter, Moomintroll accidentally wakes up too early from his hibernation. He explores an unrecognisable Moominvalley, making a few new friends on the way. 

A beautiful gift for a Moomin fanatic, or for an as-yet-uninitiated-soon-to-be Moomin-fanatic. 

Discover Tove Jansson, the amazing writer and illustrator who created the Moomins, over on our blog

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