Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up on the 14th March which means it’s time to show our love and appreciation for all the mums, mummies and mammies out there! We’ve pulled together a few gift ideas that will help you to make this Mother’s day extra special. Here are some of them:

Mother's Day by Shirley Hughes

When it comes to Shirley Hughes, you'd be hard pressed to find an author or illustrator who is more adept at capturing the loving relationship between a mother and child. In all her books you can practically feel the inherent stickiness of children's fingers, and the soft, comfort of a mother's embrace. This book is no different. In a bustling supermarket, a peaceful park and an ever so slightly messy kitchen, Shirley Hughes presents the wonderful everyday moments children spend with their mothers. 

The delightful ending of this book, when the children bring their mother breakfast in bed on her special day, makes this the perfect book for children to give to their mums this Mother's Day. 

Moominmamma Mug

The least you can do on Mother’s Day is make your mum a nice cup of tea, but why not bring it to her in this adorable Moominmamma mug! Made of dishwasher and microwave safe porcelain, this mug features a lovely illustration of Moominmamma and her trusty black handbag.

Moominmamma is one of the calmest and most steadfast of Tove Jansson's beloved characters. She's a warm, loving mother who values the individuality of others. Whenever someone in Moominland is struggling she's always there to lend a helping hand.

These mugs are practical, but they're also really special collector's items. They feature Tove Jansson's original artwork from the Moomin books and comic strips. The illustration on this mug is from Comet in Moominland, which was first published in 1946. We are the only shop in Ireland which stocks these amazing collectible mugs from Finnish company Arabia, so get one before they’re gone!

A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton

Chris Haughton is an Irish picture book-maker whose signature vibrant colour palettes and deceptively simple illustrations are always a huge hit with little children. A Bit Lost tells the story of Little Owl, who gets lost and tries to find his way back to his mummy. 

Like Haughton's other books the text in this book is very pared down making it great for children who are still developing language. As a result, a lot of the humour in the story is presented through the body language and facial expressions of the characters. Little Owl's eyes are incredibly expressive, showing his surprise at falling out of the nest, his growing uncertainty with every new animal the squirrel presents as his mummy, and his utter joy at finding his real mummy again. 

This is one of our most popular board books and with its theme centred on the strong bond between mother and child we think it would make a wonderful gift this Mother's Day.

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney 


Although the Nutbrown Hares in this timeless classic are father and son, the sentiment remains the same. This book is an unquestionable representation of the immeasurable love shared between a parent and their child. 

As many of you probably already know, this story starts when Little Nutbrown Hare is going to bed and asks Big Nutbrown Hare to "Guess how much I love you". The discussion that follows is a delight to read aloud to small children as they can join in with the gestures and movements the hares use to show each other just how much they love one another. 

The message behind this book is that love is not something you can measure, although as these hares show, it can be good fun to try. The loving relationship shown between parent and child in this beautifully illustrated story makes it great for giving as a gift on Mother's Day.

Flower Power by Christine Paxmann

Giving your mum flowers on her special day is a lovely idea, but why not take it to the next level with this mesmerising book! Did you know that you can make tea from the petals of a passion flower? Or that some flowers get their names from Greek mythology? You'll discover all this and more in Flower Power, which explores the cultural histories, healing properties and secret powers of seventeen gorgeous flowers.

All the fascinating information in this book is accompanied by captivating illustrations by renowned artist Olaf Hajek. Using warm and vibrant colours, Hajek captures the lush beauty of all of these lovely blooms. These stunning images are full of life, populated with insects, animals and even characters who personify the properties and mythologies of each flower. 

The enchanting images and rich, informative text in this book make it a unique and beautiful gift for anyone with a love of flowers and things that grow. 

The Child of Dreams by Irena Brignull 

In this incredible book, screenwriter Irena Brignull explores the bond between a mother and her adopted child. The little girl and her mother are living happily together when one evening the little girl asks her mother where she came from and why she doesn't have a father. The mother explains that she made the little girl in her dreams by hoping and wishing all her life for a daughter. However, the question of where she comes from grows dark and heavy in the little girl's mind. She sets out on a journey to discover where she came from. Over the course of this journey she learns the true meaning of family. 

The sumptuous layers of warm colours in Richard Jones' illustrations masterfully express both the warmth and strength of the mother's love but, also the confusion and complexity of the little girl's question. As she moves further and further away from her mother, the colour palette grows darker and more subdued. At the end of the narrative when she arrives home and is safe in her mother's embrace the warmth and softness returns to the illustrations. 

The text is full of emotive natural imagery. The mother's love for her daughter is described as "stronger than the rocks in the mountain" and "fuller than the harvest moon". These natural images show that although the little girl does not have a mother and father in the same way as the wild animals she meets in the woods, her mother's love for her is just as powerful and just as sure. Representation of adopted children in children's books is unfortunately quite rare, making this book even more special and important in its thoughtful and caring depiction of a mother and her adopted child. Although it can of course be read by anyone, The Child of Dreams would make a marvellous gift for mothers and adopted children to read together.

And of course you can never go wrong with a heartfelt message in a pretty card. Check out our greeting cards as well as all our other gift suggestions in our Mother’s Day section



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