Books for the Autumn Season

All Around Bustletown - Autumn by Rotraut Susanne Berner

There is a definite chill in the air these days and as most of us are confined to our houses with our families like never before, it's a great opportunity to curl up together with a good book.

Here are some family favourite books to read in the autumn.


Of course one of the best things about autumn is watching the leaves change colour. Nothing feels more autumnal than strolling along, kicking your feet through the fallen leaves before they are swept away. Whether it’s oak, birch or elm, with Piotr Socha’s award-winning The Book of Trees you’ll be able to identify all the leaves you might find on the ground in the coming weeks. The detail is astonishing and will captivate every member of the family, young and old.


All Around Bustletown - Autumn, by Rotraut Susanne Berner

We would feel pretty silly if we didn’t include this next book on the list. Autumn by Rotraut Susanne Berner is one of a four-part wordless picture book series which illustrates all the wonders of the changing seasons. In autumn you can see the leaves changing colour, chestnuts being sold on the street, squirrels storing nuts for the winter and a huge pumpkin being wheeled through town. The detail in this series is incredible, so we would recommend getting one of each of the Bustletown books so you can spot all the changes that take place over the year. You can also follow the different people (and their pets!) living in the town; each have a separate story that carries from page to page, book to book.  



Another great read for cuddling up with on a rainy day is The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc. This is a heart-warming tale about friendship, loss and hope. One autumn day Lion discovers an injured bird in the garden and a beautiful friendship unfolds. With minimal text and gorgeous illustration, this is a hope-filled, feel-good kind of book.


As well as the changing leaves, autumn usually brings a change in the weather. In this next book one little gnome faces all kinds of weather after he is washed down a drainpipe in a storm. Daniela Drescher’s The Garden Adventures of Griswald the Gnome features all the joys of the changing seasons. Through rain, snow and even the odd sunny day, Griswald shares adventures with his new friends, all beautifully brought to life by Drescher’s delightful illustrations. This is an enchanting, entertaining book, perfect for confident young readers, as each easy-to-read chapter tells a different story of Griswald’s life in the garden.


We love Else Beskow and while The Children of the Forest spans many seasons, we think it’s the perfect book to read this autumn. Join Tom, Harriet, Sam and Daisy as they collect mushrooms and seeds to prepare for the colder months. With her signature style and gorgeous illustrations, Beskow shows these tiny children playing hide and seek with squirrels, dancing with forest fairies and weaving warm winter blankets to snuggle down in. This magical little book shows the joys of the changing seasons and the beauty of the natural world.


And finally, we just have to mention this adorable book for our littlest readers: I am a Bunny illustrated by Richard Scarry. This delightful story follows Nicholas the bunny throughout the year, as he describes all his favourite things to do with each passing season. Full of simple but fun outdoor activities that any child will enjoy, this board book is easy for little hands to flick through - a perfect introduction to the different seasons for any little nature lover!



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